Financial Management

Money Management and strategic planning

Gates Group’s Financial Management services team consists of professionals with accounting, financial and operations experience in both federal and state governments, as well as for commercial clients. Our personnel bring a depth of experience supporting financial transformation across various agencies and companies while adhering to necessary guidelines and stated requirements. Our team of experts recognize that the ever-changing and complex regulatory environments require agility and precision when dealing with financial management – we provide our clients with accounting, auditing, asset management, budget formulation/execution, and financial compliance expertise to navigate these complex environments. Our team draws in best practices from consulting and technology to find solutions for clients in order to improve their operations and profitability to ensure our clients are well positioned for success in understanding and achieving their financial goals.

Our Financial Management services include:

  • Financial Controls and Process Improvement
  • Financial Improvement Plans
  • Financial Systems Analysis
  • Policy Development
  • Accounting Support
  • Planning, Programming, Budget Formulation and Execution
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Audit Readiness, Financial Improvement, and Remediation
  • Financial Program Management